Neat Sneaks! NBA Finals : Westbrook's Historic Night

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The widely hated Oklahoma City Thunder All Star Point Guard Russel Westbrook went off for 43 points on 62% shooting. He added 7 rebounds, 1 steal and 5 assists to carry the Thunder as Durant struggled to stay with his rhythm all game. LeBron James once again capitalized on every weakness the Thunder had and came up big with 26 points, 12 assists, 2 steals and 9 rebounds. He might have completed the triple double with 1 more rebound but he suffered with cramps in crunch time and had to sit on the bench. He did return in semi "Willis Reed" fashion as he drained a game saving three to put the Heat in front for good.

Westbrook dunks over Chris Bosh

Howard helps LeBron off the court in his Jordan Play in These II
The rest of the action from Game 4 after the cut!

A bitter Sonics fan rooting for Miami

Chris Bosh dominating the paint in game 4 while wearing his Hyperdunk Max 2011 "Finals" Home PE

Collison in the unreleased Zoom KD 3 "BHM", Harden in his Hyperdunk 2011 Low "Finals" Away PE and Chalmers in the Spalding Slash basketball shoe.
Russel Westbrook in the Original Zoom Hyperfuse "Westbrook" PE

Westbrook drives in traffic over Haslem in the Hyperfuse "Westbrook" PE and Converse Sicks, respectively.

Russel in the Hyperfuse "Westbrook" PE flies over James Jones in his Lunar Hypergamer "Finals" PE

Westbrook in the Zoom Hyperfuse "Russel Westbrook" PE drives the lane

Westbrook dunks over the defense en route to 43 points.

Shane Battier fouls Kevin Durant in the Peak Shane Battier VI

LeBron James dominates the post in the LeBron 9 Elite "Home" PE

LeBron in the LeBron 9 Elite "Home" PE, Nick Collison in the Zoom KD 3 "BHM" and Durant in the Zoom KD 4 "Finals" Away PE

LeBron stretching his injured legs in crunch time while waiting to get back in the game...

LeBron James dribbles past Thabo Sefolosha in the Zoom Kobe VI "Finals" Away PE

A closer look at Thabo's Zoom Kobe VI "Finals" Away PE

Kevin Durant fades away in his Zoom KD 4 "Finals" Away PE

Kevin Durant in his Zoom KD 4 "Finals" Away PE

Durantula drives past the defense in his Zoom KD IV "Finals" Away PE

James Harden tries to make a play in his Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low "Finals" Away PE, Mike Miller in the Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low "Finals" Home PE

Dwyane Wade pumps up the crowd in the Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV "Finals" Home PE

Dwyane Wade on fire wearing his Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV "Finals" Home PE

Chris Bosh with a baby hook in his Nike Hyperdunk Max 2011 "Finals" Home PE

The Heat celebrate a good all around game

Who you got winning Game 5? Can the Thunder bring the Finals back to OKC or will the Heat finish the series in South Beach?

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