Nike Air Yeezy 2 Detailed Photos! (14 Pictures)

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You've been waiting for this since last year...

The rest of the pics after the cut.

Kanye West's team in Nike clearly outdid themselves this year with the Air Yeezy 2. The details, textures and the overall shape of the shoe is far superior to that of the original Yeezy. The croc skin-like leather on the heel is simply gorgeous and gives the shoe that high end feel that Kanye is famous for. The screw on lace tips are genius and the suede used on the toe panel is so rich it shouldn't be on a sneaker... but it is. That's the story of the Yeezy series, luxurious design coupled with amazing materials. The hype is warranted and this time, the hype isn't enough really. It even has a dust bag which is clearly a nod to high end brands like Gucci and LV. Are you planning on copping these?

pics via @mikeyman