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It's been a long wait now take a peek at the upcoming colorways from Kobe's latest signature shoe!

The rest after the cut!

Release Alert! KD IV "Weatherman", "Last Shots", "Dark Knight" + More

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Check out your nearest Nike Park outlet this December 1st for these new drops.

Zoom Kobe VI "Dark Knight"

KD IV "Away" Php 4,995.00

The rest after the jump!

KD IV "Weatherman" In Detail + On Feet Pics + Paint the Town (VIDEO)

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Kevin Durant himself said this was his favorite colorway of his latest sig, the Zoom KD IV. That little comment by Durantula made the "Weatherman" pretty much the most hyped up colorway trumping the much talked about "Nerf" colorway. The inspiration behind this loud yet sleek colorway is Durant's fascination with natural disasters and his interest in becoming a weatherman when he was a kid. That's a pretty simple explanation right there, now check out the pics below including on feet pics plus Kevin Durant's latest Nike TV spot.

KD IV "Weatherman" Outsole

The rest after the cut!


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KD IV "Blackout" NEW Pics, "Nerf" Release Date

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This highly popular yearly theme among Nike's top signature models continue with the Zoom KD IV. These will release this December 3rd but some accounts will get them earlier so keep your eyes peeled!

Complete set plus Nerf RD after the jump!

Christmas Sole Slam Manila 2011 - ATTENDANCE IS A MUST!

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VIDEO: Nike Zoom Kobe VII Black/Grey HD

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Forgive this video, it is in Russian and you probably won't understand it. I posted it nonetheless because it shows us the Zoom Kobe VII in every possible angle as well as the unboxing. Check out the entire thing below, you might want to hit mute though...

Release Alert! Jordan 3 "Black Cement", Adizero Rose 2 "Gucci"

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You've been waiting all year, now they're just 2 days away. Wake up early to secure your pair! It's a true general release (GR) so expect almost every Nike account to get these in, also available in all three Titan locations!
Air Jordan 3 Retro "Black/Cement" 7,495

Check out Adizero Rose "Gucci" after the jump

Zoom Kobe VII Packaging + New Look!

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Want to see the Kobe VII being unboxed?

Release Alert! Air Jordan 3 "Black Cement" GS/PS

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elephant print love...

KD IV "Nerf" On Feet! New Picture!

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Awesome shoe.

another pic after the cut!

Pic of the Day

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Remember when Kevin Durant torched the entire basketball world night after night? It was USA's "Team B" powered by reigning MVP Derrick Rose, the monster that is Kevin Love, NBA Champ Tyson Chandler, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant that proved to the world that they didn't need "other" all stars. Durantula went all out recording a scoring spree including a 38 point outburst breaking a Team USA record for most points in a tournament and bringing home the Tournament MVP award. I don't know about you but this team is so good they might even beat USA "Team A". What do you think?


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Finally, Nike has released pictures of the much anticipated 4th shoe from Kevin Durant. See tons of pictures below plus the video with Durantula and his shoe designer/innovator Leo Chang(KD line/Hyperdunk/Hyperfuse).

(click the pictures to make them big)

The rest of the hi res detailed pictures plus the video after the jump!

James Yap's Zoom Kobe VI Nike ID

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Featured in our previous Neat Sneaks! entry, this Zoom Kobe VI ID is certainly a neck breaker. Designed to match his B-Meg uniform, varsity red is used on the scale upper with del sol hits on the Swoosh and shozoku logo. Black is seen on the midsole, heel cup and lining to balance out the bright shade. Finally, we see a varsity red set of laces, red translucent outsole and del sol Nike ID custom hits.

We've recreated James Yap's shoe on Nike ID to give you guys a better look, what do you think?
James Yap's Nike ID Zoom Kobe VI with his jersey number on the heel

James Yap's Nike ID Zoom Kobe VI

James Yap's Nike ID Zoom Kobe VI

James Yap's Nike ID Zoom Kobe VI

pic via PBA

Release Alert! Kobe VI, Adizero Rose 2, LeBron 9 "OSU" + MORE!

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Check out these kicks dropping tomorrow, November 18!
(click the photos for a better look)
The Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Lakers Gradient" is the perfect choice if you're a die hard Laker fan and in need of a sneaker with a striking, almost out of this world aesthetic. That level of detail wrapping on the toe is just absolutely amazing, finishing this shoe off is the use of a milky outsole.
Zoom Kobe VI "Lakers Gradient"
Zoom Kobe VI "Lakers Gradient"

Kobe VI "Lakers 3D" plus the rest after the cut!

Pacquiao vs Marquez 24/7 HBO (Episode 4) *fixed*

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The fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez had a very controversial ending. Many thought that Marquez was the clear winner and that he got robbed. The punch statistics show a different side to the story yet it didn't looked relevant to the tempo and overall feel of the fight. There are indeed a ton of things to consider when you judge a boxing match and most of those things are subjective meaning it's not like basketball wherein your goal is to outscore your opponent with no questions asked. In boxing you have four main criteria- clean punching, ring generalship, effective aggressiveness and defense. All of these things are rather hard to pin point and you can justify different points of view. What did you think of the fight? Let us know what you think about Manny's latest win in the comments section, in the meantime, check out the last part of HBO's mini docu-series.

Manny goes Bee Gees

Pacquiao-Marquez 24/7 Part 2 after the cut!

Nike LeBron 9 "Watch The Throne" + ON FEET PICS!

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Kanye and Jay Z's tour landed on Miami and there's only one way to celebrate that:

more angles and a clear pic after the cut!

Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Zen Grey" NEW PIC

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Check out the Zen Grey Yeezy 2!

It features a grey upper, a glow in the dark outsole, white midsole and a Solar Red lining. The Yeezy 2 is looking a lot better than the original Yeezys with a sleeker outline and a more aggressive look.


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We've seen this shoe a couple times now but it's too damn beautiful to keep new photos from you guys. Here's a detailed look at the upcoming Nike Zoom KD IV "Nerf". This crisp shot highlights the key aspects of the shoe- the speckled midsole and midfoot strap, the bright red traction pattern and neon green midfoot trim as well as the metallic almost "Eggplant Foam"-like purple toe. Click the picture to enlarge it.

Manny Pacquiao Squeezes out the Victory (PHOTOS)

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As the fight ended, it was clear in my mind that Manny lost. When the winner was announced, the people around me cheered while my face had that clueless expression for a few minutes. The fight was not close at all and Marquez dictated the bout while Pacman had trouble connecting combinations- this was my initial reaction. With that said, "you have to knock out the champ to beat the champ" or at least inflict pain and although Marquez looked good, Manny wasn't exactly getting hurt and you have to do that to convince the judges. The punch statistics can prove that Pacquiao won the fight, he landed 117 power punches to Marquez's 100 and 176 regular punches to only 138. Clearly the fight wasn't what it looked like. As the UFC puts it, never leave it in the hands of judges. Check out some nice shots from the fight below.

Pre-fight ritual
Pacman rocks Marquez with a haymaker

See the complete set plus Jinkee Pacquiao after the cut

Enjoy Pacman's Sig on your Head!

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Congratulations to this month's winner of our Free Reap contest- Caloy Naval! Enjoy the cap buddy!

The contest was simple- most number of likes win. Mr. Naval got the most number of likes on Facebook. Watch out for our next contest!

Nike LeBron 9 Bright Mango/Metallic Silver

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We've seen this similar color scheme with the Barca Kobe VI as well as the Blake Griffin Hyperdunk 2011 All Star Game PE. Nike continues to push this bright colorway with the LeBron 9 which is set to release March next year. Here's the preview:

What do you think of the bright colorways we've seen with the LeBron 9?

pic via solefly

Neat Sneaks! PBA October 28 - 30

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In this edition of Neat Sneaks!, we take a look at Gabby Espinas' go to sneakers, star players cheering from the bench and Kelly Williams wearing two Kobe VIs in one game. Enjoy the action from Talk N Text, Petron, Alaska, Powerade, Meralco and Rain or Shine!

see the rest after the cut!

Manny is READY (Vegas Pictures and Videos)

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Manny Pacquiao has never been this focused in training in so long we can only think of one reason why- he's gonna knock out Marquez. They've faced before and I think Manny is getting frustrated that he can't keep Marquez down. He looks good today and he looks ready to go!

click the pictures to enlarge

Manny showing off in the Top Rank Gym

See the rest of the pictures plus videos and Freddie Roach's Nike Tshirt after the cut

Derrick Rose Hoops for Troops w/ Javale Mcgee

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Check out these shots of Derrick Rose and Javale Mcgee from their exhibition game in Hawaii last October. The lockout has produced tons of nice games overseas just like the Smart Ultimate Weekend here in Manila. The USO tour featured a Hoops for Troops game in Hawaii from October 23-28 with big names like Derrick Rose, Joe Johnson, Javale Mcgee, Tyreke Evans and more. They had 1 on 1 games with service members during the week with basketball youth camps and autograph signings as well.

Javale sky high as usual in his Peak Relentless

See DRose in action after the cut!

Video: Penny and LeBron Donate Basketball Complex in Memphis, TN

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Let's face it, LeBron has become a hated personality. It's kind of odd considering just a few years ago, he was the League's savior. That decline in his public image certainly took a toll on him but the good thing is, LeBron just keeps on coming. On the court and off the court, LeBron is trying his best to rebuild his empire and give back to the people as well. In an awesome collaboration, Penny and LeBron built a basketball facility for the kids of his hometown, Memphis. Check out the press conference below and maybe you'll see LeBron James in a different light.

New Pics! Yeezy Wearing Nike Air Yeezy 2 / Victoria's Secret 2011

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The Yeezy 2 looks better than the original Yeezys. Yes, they absolutely blow them out of the water with that crocodile styled leather, heel ribs and an all around sleeker design. It's been a month of touring for Kanye and all he's been wearing is his new shoe. Even when he visits supermodels, he still has to wear them. Supermodels + Yeezy 2 + Good Music = Sneakerhead Heaven.

See the Yeezy 2 in action plus a bunch of Ultra Hot Supermodels!

UA Micro G Bloodline (All Colorways + Promo Video)

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Under Armour really surprised a lot of sneakerheads and performance shoe enthusiasts with the solid models they've released last year. Staying in line with their pocket friendly price point, releasing at $110 is Brandon Jenning's UA Micro G Bloodline. This model utilizes the same molded Micro G cushioning system which is often compared to Nike's Zoom Air technology. That's a really really good place to start since Zoom Air is considered as the best cushioning system ever. Under Armour also got rave reviews for the fit with people claiming that the heel and forefoot lockdown is amazing. Check out the pictures of the UA Micro G Bloodline below as well as the promotional video.

See all the 12 Colorways plus the video after the cut!

Kobe VI Westchester High School PE (PLUS! All the Westchester Kobe Models!)

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The Kobe VI is probably the most popular Kobe signature to date. The scale upper is definitely a landmark in terms of design for the entire Kobe line fully adapting the Black Mamba moniker. Now we've seen around 30 to 40 colorways of the Zoom Kobe VI but this is the first time we're seeing the Westchester High School Player Exclusive colorway. It's very similar to the "'Concord Gradient'' Kobe VI in terms of color blocking it just uses the school's shade of red instead of concord. There's still no word on a release date but it certainly looks like these won't hit shelves at all.

See a Kobe With elephant print and all of the Westchester Kobe Models after the jump!!

Video: Manny Pacquiao x Nike Philippines

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Yes, it's gonna be a busy Manny Pacquiao month for us with this epic fight staring us directly in the face. This Sunday(Saturday in the US), we'll witness the conclusion to the classic Pacquiao Marquez war. It wasn't clear in the first two fights if Manny can beat Marquez and it definitely doesn't look like Marquez is better than the champ either. So here we are, just days away from the fight that will finally give us a clear winner because whoever wins this one would have won it all in our eyes. Watch Manny Pacquiao, the fan favorite Buboy Fernandez and Alex Ariza talk about the third fight. If that doesn't interest you, just watch Pacquiao pound leather. (Watch the video to see Nike's Special Buboy Fernandez shirt!)

Can Marquez keep up with Pacquiao this time around?

Nike Portland's Bulls Home Display (Jordan I - 2010)

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Check out each and every Jordan from the legendary Jordan I up to the 2010 which released last year. If you're wondering what this collection is, it's the entire "Bulls Home" set being displayed right now in Nike's newest flagship store in Portland. All of the colorways feature a red outsole, all white midsole and upper with red lining and black laces. Which Jordan sig looks best in the "Home" white red and black colorway?

I think the Air Jordan 8 takes this colorway the best, look at that tongue area with the straps, straight butter!

Neat Sneaks! PBA Oct 23 - 26

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It's been a while but finally we give you this week's first PBA Neat Sneaks! set. See Caguioa take a break from Under Armour while Alex Cabagnot stays with his favorite Cradle Rocks. It's gonna be a busy week checking out PBA players' sneakers so keep it here!

James Yap fades beautifully while wearing the Zoom Kobe VI "Home Del Sol"

"Yun ba umaway sayo?"             .....                  "OO kuya."

The complete set after the cut!

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Supreme" NEW LOOK!

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This sneaker deserve all our attentions. We can only guess how they would perform on court but with the Kobe line's track record, it's impossible to fail in that department. I'm sure Eric Avar has perfected this new tech he's sharing with us. I mean, the designer of the Huarache 2K4 and the Zoom Kobe V? No matter how hard we speculate the worst things that could happen, history points to a different direction.

See the complete set after the cut!

Dirk, LeBron, Durant, Amar'e explain Basketball Never Stops

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It's been an ongoing theme for Nike this off-season and finally the stars talk about it. Watch LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Coach K, Amar'e Stoudemire, Kevin Durant, J Cole and more talk about Nike's marketing campaign "Basketball Never Stops". Also, we spot the new Kevin Durant Jacket from Nike to match your "Away" colored Zoom KD sneakers watch it below!


8:00 PM Sole Reaper 2 Comments

Want this? Click the poster for more info.

Nike Zoom KD IV "Nerf" New Look

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Here's another shot of Kevin Durant's highly anticipated shoe from Nike. Once again we get a look at this Nerf Hoop Set inspired colorway and it really is one of the brightest sneaker in the KD line. You can really see the details with this shot check it out!

closer look after the cut!

Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez 24/7 Episode 3

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Here's the third part of the 4-part mini series featuring Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez's training and everything in between that leads up to their third highly anticipated fight.Watch Manny Pacquiao eat like a normal person as Buboy gets a particularly special tattoo. Pacquiao's long time sparring partner also gets a pretty amazing wedding gift. Meanwhile in Mexico, Juan Manuel Marquez uses a chamber for training much like those guys in Dragon Ball Z. Watch the entire episode in one video after the cut!


12:54 PM Sole Reaper 2 Comments

In MJ's last year as a Bull, he wore both the Jordan XIII and the Jordan XIV, but I bet you didn't know he wore these in the finals...

Find out what it is after the cut!

Manny Pacquiao Niketown Las Vegas Rig

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Manny Pacquiao is a huge name in sports. He's the kind of athlete companies make clothes, shoes and watches for and when he comes to town, they prepare for his arrival. Check out Niketown Las Vegas' setup for the World Champ for his upcoming fight this coming November 12,2011 against Juan Manuel Marquez. This is a pretty awesome setup complete with crates and a dummy with what appears to be the attire Manny will wear for the fight on top of a pedestal. I don't know about you guys but this got me pumped up for the fight!

Complete pictures after the cut.

Air Jordan IV Retro White Grey Cement CLEAR PICS + Release Date

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Today we get clear hi res pics of the anticipated Air Jordan IV White Cement. This is one of the retro Jordans that rarely get issued so it's a sneakerhead's dream that they're releasing next year (along with the rumored release of it's counterpart the Black Cement Jordan IV).

The complete set after the cut!

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Coming Soon...

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Check out this awesome promo GIF...

Air Jordan III Black/Cement OFFICIAL IMAGES

12:14 PM Sole Reaper 0 Comments

One of the most anticipated Jordan release of the year, the Air Jordan III black/cement now has official images from Jordan Brand. The rumored suede upper never pushed through and they decided to use full grain leather. Based on internet reviews, the quality is better than the white/cement and the true blue which released earlier this year. Check out the pictures for a nice preview of the upcoming release. Is this a sure cop or are you too concerned of the cracking?

The other shot after the jump!

VIDEO: Pacman Trains HARD

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Manny Pacquiao is an excellent athlete but what sets him miles apart from his opponents is the fact that he trains like no other. Freddie Roach claims that he only trains with 60-65% of his capacity. I don't think his sparring partners feel the same way and it certainly looks like he's going all out. Either way, he is unmatched when it comes to his work ethic and he never underestimates his opponent. That is Manny Pacquiao's advantage and that's the reason why he is the number one pound for pound boxer for several years in a row. Watch this exclusive 3-minute Hi Def footage of him training for his third and final bout against Juan Manuel Marquez after the cut!